Why you Need the Best Air Filters for your Plasma Cutter

Steel and other metals are notoriously difficult and complicated to cut through. You may have to do plenty of sawing, grinding, or both to try and get some results. For you to do a better job of it, you have to invest in the process, which is not cheap. A plasma cutter is one of the best options, since it can help you minimize our need for equipment or efforts. Plasma cutters make the cutting of metal so easy since they cut through metal of varying shapes and sizes.

Plasma arc cutting will work as electric welding does, but it will not join, and instead separate. The method was invented when the gas in the electronic welders was turned up to a point where instead of welding, it began cutting. It led to the creation of the plasma cutting torches. It consists of an electric arc with compressed air discharge at the tip of the torch. The arc works to superheat the compressed air into plasma. Matter will be seen as solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. Heating the gas to extreme temperatures breaks the gas molecules apart, splits the atoms, and makes so much energy and incredible cutting power. There is plenty of plasma all over, from the neon lights which use cold plasma, to the sun which is basically a giant ball of plasma. Plasma is a good electricity conductor, which increases its functioning. You, therefore, find that a plasma cutter works to produce some incredible results in a shorter period and with minimal effort.

Plasma cutters may be effective and efficient at their job, but they do have certain weaknesses. Water happens to be one of its main threats. The compressed air that goes into the cutter needs to be completely free of water, if it is to work. Plasma cutters come with air compressors for them to function. Compressed air, however, packs planet of moisture. An air filter at some point along the line after the air has been compressed is an important addition. Disposable air filters fixed just before the plasma unit tends to be the best solution. If they are easy to release and affix a new one, the better.

Moisture passing through the filter to the plasma unit affects its performance. It is likely to produce plenty of pops and sputters. There is a need to make sure this does not become the case. You, therefore, need a properly functioning air filter. Get one that warns you the minute there are problems with the air filter due to moisture presence. It is how you make sure there are no drops in performance. It also needs to prevent any moisture getting through, no matter how high the buildup.

When you make sure you have such an air filter installed, you can rest assured that the plasma cutter will work as you wish. You can check out this site for some of the best air filters.

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